When you leave the dinner choice to the children inevitably it’s going to be PIZZA!  Well it is in our house.  My husband is away most of this week with work so I decided to let the boys choose the meals.  “PIZZA!” they yelled. Fortunately I had some dough already made up in the freezer and plenty of cheese and toppings in the fridge.  I don’t always have dough or the ingredients to make it.  I try to keep a stock of mini shop bought pizza bases in the freezer for “children emergencies”!  They work just as well but I do prefer to make my own as you know what ingredients have gone into them.  No nasties.

However, I didn’t make the tea.  I prepared the dough and left the rest to the boys, except for the oven part.   Both my children love to make pizzas, especially pizza faces!  They are selective about when they help in the kitchen but can be helpful when they want to be.  The eldest helped make a kachumber salad on Saturday.  If you aren’t familiar with kachumber, it is an Indian salad made up of chopped carrot, cucumber, onion, tomatoes and coriander with a good squeeze of lemon or lime plus salt and pepper for seasoning.  Refreshing and delicious.  Goes very well with tandoori chicken.

Cooking with your children is great way to spend time together and good fun if you ignore the mess they make!  The kitchen is a brilliant place for children to learn lifetime skills.  Even the youngest children can have fun seeing how the dishes they eat are put together and of course give valued direction and input if you do anything wrong!

Almost forgot, serve the pizzas with a pile of home made coleslaw or chopped vegetable sticks and enjoy!

Handy Hint – Santa Claus put boys cookery books in the boys Christmas stockings last year.  I thought this was very thoughtful of him but I think it might have had something to do with Mrs Claus!