We didn’t need to entice our children into the kitchen.  Both our boys love food and have always shown an interest in helping in the kitchen, even if it’s just offering to set the table or switch the food processor on and off!  To our advantage we grow our own fruit and vegetables.  I believe this has helped.   It is also a good way to teach children where food comes from.

Cooking is a brilliant way to spend time with your children.  They can learn new skills, learn about healthy eating, try new foods, feel comfortable about food, learn about healthy eating, have fun and spend time with you.  Children are also more likely to eat something they have made, even the most fussiest of eaters!  But how do you get children interested in cooking?  We have been quite fortunate.   Here’s a few tips to help entice your children into the kitchen:

  • Read bout food.  Buy a cookery book aimed at children or family cooking or read food themed books with your children.
  • Let your child know they are welcome in the kitchen.  Invite them to watch or help.
  • Keep tasks simple to start off with until their confidence builds.
  • Children like responsibility.  Give them a task to do.
  • If you are preparing a meal and your child asks if they can help, find them something to do.  Even a simple task like washing or peeling vegetables, setting the table or finding certain ingredients is a start.  They have shown initiative and are interested.

Do you have any suggestions on how to get children into the kitchen?  I’d love to hear them.