Showing a keen interest in cooking and using a few left over ingredients from Christmas, my 10 year old son has made his first spaghetti carbonara.  Chopping, weighing and measuring ensued.  Quick and easy, serving 4.

It is quick and easy dish to make for children utilising chopping, weighing and measuring skills.  Serving 4.  He was extremely proud of himself and the finished dish.

Cook 400g pasta as per packet instructions.  Dice five slices of bacon and cook until crispy, add one chopped garlic clove and cook for a further minute.  Add 125ml white wine and cook until the wine has almost evaporated. While everything is cooking, in a bowl mix together three egg yolks, 100g grated hard cheese, salt and pepper. Drain the pasta once cooked and add to the bacon with the egg/cheese mix and a dash of cream. Mix thoroughly on a low heat and serve.

To vary a spaghetti carbonara add chopped fresh parsley before serving or hot cooked peas. You could also replace the bacon for smoked salmon.   For a vegetarian version omit the bacon.