It’s a New Year and many people start the year with a diet.  There are many many diets out there and it can be difficult finding the right one that suits you.  Personally I don’t believe in diets but in eating healthily, watching portion size and not drinking too much alcohol or sugar laiden fizzy drinks.  Not forgetting the occasional treat.  For personal reasons I don’t eat bread, pasta or white potatoes as I find they make me feel bloated.  Processed foods are also not allowed to set foot into the house!  I enjoy beans and pulses which replace the usual bread or potaotes and treated in the right way they can make delicious filling meals which are full of protein and vitamin rich.  They can accompany cooked meats, sausage and fish to make up your main meal or slimmed down for a simple tasty lunch.  If you fancy a change form your usual lunch or dinner, why not try my marinated chickpea saladwarm lentil salad with cranberries and fetadhal or sausage and lenitl casserole.