Amanda’s Table now has a slow cooker recipe page.  I’ve included a Friday Night Fakeaway, warming stews, as well as a family favourite and a vegetarian option. Coming soon a delicious one pot wonder.

I am fairly new to slow cooking, so over the years I’ve been looking for a good slow cooker cookery book to no avail.  In my quest for slow cooker recipes I joined several forums for tips and advice.  I did get a few, but also discovered that alot of people use packet stew mixes and sauces from jars!  I personally prefer to use fresh ingredients, herbs and spices with little to no processed food.  One thing I did discover, is that people use their slow cooker not just for dinner recipes but for cooking baked potatoes, baking cakes, breakfast and desserts.  One lady had made a fabulous looking chocolate cake, another had slow cooked porridge overnight.  Brilliant!  These things I am yet to try but I will be experimenting soon!

My first slow cooker was from Tesco and cost £10 for a 3 litre one.  It was brilliant, couldn’t fault it.  Being a family of four with big eaters, I traded it in for a larger one!  There are many different types of slow cookers you can buy.  Some you can use under the grill, in the oven or on the hob. Others are more basic and are for slow cooking only.  The majority of slow cookers have high and low settings, some but not all have a timer and a warm function.  One lady, on a forum I joined, uses a plug-in wall timer that she plugs the slow cooker into as she doesn’t have the timer function on her slow cooker, genius!   You can also buy slow cookers with dividers so you can cook two meals at once or one main meal plus an accompaniment.  There is also a slow cooker out there which is three slow cookers in one!  Sizes and costs of slow cookers vary too and some cook quicker than others.

The world of slow cookers is evolving rapidly!  There’s just so much more to it than just having dinner ready for when you get home!