This time last year we were taking advantage of the warm sunny weather by planting the potatoes and enjoying a BBQ or two.  Unfortunately this year we are still waiting for the ground to warm up to plant our potatoes.  Hopefully we’ll get it done soon.  On a brighter note, the greenhouse is overflowing with seedlings, so much so, we’ve run out of space!  We have peas, dwarf french beans, climbing french beans, salad leaves, kale, leeks, courgettes, several varieties of squash, marrow, cucumbers, an array of purple vegetables, tomatoes and much much more.  Did I mention we have bee friendly flower seedlings too?  Outside of the greenhouse and at the allotment broad beans have been planted, carrots seedlings are starting to show, the herb patch is bulking out, the garlic is going great guns and the fruit trees and bushes are budding up.  The Alpine strawberries are flowering and we’ve eaten our first rhubarb crumble.  It was delicious.

What are you growing this year and have you eaten anything out of your garden yet?  Keep me posted.  Happy growing!

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