We are back to warming stews and casserole weather.  It is bitterly cold outside with a biting wind.  One minute it is either snowing, raining or the sun is shinning, the next it is all happening at once!  Yesterday we even had a hailstorm!

So we don’t get stuck in our usual casserole rut I have created a smoky paprika chicken sausage casserole, it’s delicious if I do say so myself.  If you don’t fancy chicken sausages use a selection of pork and chorizo sausages which will work just as well.  Hob or slow cooker, the choice is yours.  We’ve also eaten diced turkey cooked in a wholegrain mustard and creme fraiche sauce based on Jack Monroe’s Creamy Mustard Chicken with Winter Veg, which made a nice change.  Seasonally, it’s just time to move on and enjoy new potatoes and asparagus.  This time last year we were enjoying the sunshine and tucking into delicious home cooked BBQ delicacies and weren’t worried about the seedlings growing in the greenhouse.  I am pleased we have a greenhouse heater for them!  What has happened to the weather this April and what delights will tomorrow bring?