We were very honoured one evening last week to have three rescue hedgehogs released back into the wild in our garden.  They had been cared for by Little Silver Hedgehog hedgehog hospital in York since October last year.  We have Florence, Derek and Autumn to add to our ever growing hedgehog population.  Derek turned out to be a girl and Autumn only has one eye.  To make sure she could survive in the wild, Autumn conquered several obstacle courses before being given the all clear.

The new arrivals were all a little shy when first released, but could soon be seen and heard scuttling around the borders investigating their new surroundings.  Several hedgehog houses along with bowls of food and water have been provided to help them adapt to their new home.

We are fortunate to have many hedgehogs visiting our garden including one male hedgehog who is almost the size of a football!  This weekend alone I have found several hedgehogs cavorting behind the bins and in the borders!  Unfortunately, hedgehog numbers are in dramatic decline in the UK due to a whole range of factors.  This includes habitat loss, habitat fragmentation plus dangers like roads and ponds.

Little Silver Hedgehog hospital is one of many wildlife rescue centres across the UK trying to help rebuild the hedgehog population.  To see what you can do to help, please visit their website Little Silver Hedgehog or The British Hedgehog Preservation Society for more information.