Don’t throw away your toilet roll or kitchen roll middles.  Instead, save them up and use them to plant large seeds such as runner beans, peas, sweet peas or broad beans.  Not only is it eco friendly, you can save a fortune on seed trays and don’t have to mess around extracting the seedling from the seed tray when it’s time to plant.  It’s also a great activity for children!

Simply stand your loo roll middles up in a suitable container so they are tightly packed and won’t fall over.   We use old grape or strawberry plastic punnets.  These are ideal as they have high sides, drainage holes plus you can usually fit six middles in one container.  If your container doesn’t have drainage holes, line with newspaper to soak up the excess water.  Then fill each roll with soil and a seed not forgetting to cover each seed with soil and water.  Place in the greenhouse or on a warm window sill and water regularly.  When the plants are big enough, plant the seedling plus the loo roll middle directly into the ground.  The loo roll middle will decompose naturally into the soil.

We have been using this method for a few years, usually getting our children to use it to plant their beans.  The runner beans in the picture were planted approximately two weeks ago and are now ready to be planted.  We can highly recommend it!