A little ditty from my nine year old – “beans, beans the magical fruit the more you eat the more you toot!” by Toby Haggath-Smith (he insisted he took the credit!)

Next year we are going to have a garden full of borlotti beans growing.  We grew them for the first time this year and we’ll definitely be growing them again.  This year one wigwam was enough to complete our experiment and fill a few large jars with the dried beans.  We started the seeds off in the greenhouse early spring and once the weather was warm enough planted them out.  They were a little slow to start but once they got going were very prolific.  Easy to grow, easy to maintain, easy to pick and pod, perfect for storage and one of your five a day!

Borlotti bean overview – type of kidney bean widely used in Italy in salads and stews.  Must be soaked in cold water overnight before cooking.