Due to a glut of blackcurrants we tried our hand at a fruit vodka.  You can use any fruit but berries are best – raspberry, strawberry, gooseberry.  We made our fruit vodka in August and it was ready in time for Chrismas.  This recipe makes three 1 litre bottles.


You will need:  2 1ltr bottles of vodka, 1 empty 1ltr clip top bottle, enough ripe fruit to fill each bottle one third full, chopped or slightly bashed/crushed and approx 75g sugar per bottle (optional)


In the empty clip top bottle (1 ltr bottle) fill it one third full of your chosen fruit and add approx 75g sugar if using.  Top up with vodka using vodka from both bottles to make room for their fruit and sugar.  Seal and shake to mix.  Add fruit and sugar to the other two bottles.  Seal and shake to mix the ingredients.  Leave somewhere cool for months to infuse.